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A list and descriptions of all the animated 11 minutes episodes from the first season of Space Racers.

Episode 1: Hawk's Day

It’s Hawk’s turn to lead a mission to the Moon.

Episode 2: Mars Canyon Race

Who is faster: Eagle or Raven?

Episode 3: Where are We?

Solar flares make the Space Racers lose their way.

Episode 4: Election!

Vote for Robyn! No, vote for Eagle!

Episode 5: (N)ice Work if You Can Get It

The Racers search for a top-secret material.

Episode 6: Communication Breakdown

A solar storm has everyone miscommunicating.

Episode 7: Three's a Crowd

Eagle feels left out by Robyn and Hawk.

Episode 8: Careering off Course

The Racers learn to appreciate each other’s talents.

Episode 9: Fly Like an Eagle

Can Robyn and Hawk save the day without Eagle’s help?

Episode 10: Space Racer Storm Chaser

A huge storm catches everyone off guard.

Episode 11: A Simple Re-Quest

An old space relic becomes a new friend.

Episode 12: Mars Map Mystery

The Racers search for the lost canals of Mars.

Episode 13: Grounded

The Racers are in big trouble after a trip to Venus.

Episode 14: Satellite Starling

Starling goes missing with a missing part!

Episode 15: Total Eclipse

Eagle gets eclipsed and learns his lesson.

Episode 16: Vulture's Statute

You can't catch a comet with a statue.

Episode 17: Dome Grown

The Racers compare the climates of Mars and Earth.

Episode 18: Starling Discovers the Moon

Starling tries to stop the Moon from disappearing!

Episode 19: Asteroids, Platinum Edition

The Racers try to foil Vulture’s greedy plans.

Episode 20: Above and Beyond

Analysis vs. instinct face off in Orb-O and a space probe's fate.

Episode 21: Star Signs

The Racers follow the clues to find a lost classmate.

Episode 22: The Hawk Factor

A new fuel gives Raven an edge…or so he thinks.

Episode 23: Sweet Spot

The Racers learn the difficulties of keeping an object in orbit.

Episode 24: Trail Blazers

The Racers learn the pitfalls of not asking for permission.

Episode 25: Titanic Trip

The Racers have an educational camping trip on Titan.

Episode 26: Starling DSV

Only Starling can save Sandpiper from the ocean floor.

Episode 27: Vulture's Volcano

The Racers encounter Vulture's latest greedy plan.

Episode 28: Starling: Space Racer!

The Racers find creative ways to train Starling for her big test.

Episode 29: Ace Space Reporter

Robyn investigates the disappearance of a racing legend.

Episode 30: RoboCoach XL-5

Vulture's plan to replace Coach Pigeon backfires.

Episode 31: Lunar Base Blackout

With no power the Racers have to rely on their own skills.

Episode 32: A Tight Squeeze

Stardust Bay alums get trapped in a time capsule!

Episode 33: Three Racers and a Baby Robot

A lost robot becomes Robyn’s new pet.

Episode 34: Eyes on the Prize

It’s time for a Solar System Scavenger Hunt!

Episode 35: Dance Lessons

It’s time for the annual Space Dancing Show!

Episode 36: Mine, Mine, Mine!

The Racers have had enough of sharing.

Episode 37: AVA Retires

A solar storm shuts down AVA and strands the Racers.

Episode 38: Hiding on Hyperion

Starling gets stranded on an icy moon of Saturn.

Episode 39: Sick Day

Eagle's stays home sick and learns his friends may be in danger.

Episode 40: Cranberry Crater

The Racers make a surprising discovery on the Moon.

Episode 41: Fearless Flyers

Hawk and Raven explore the far side of the Solar System.

Episode 42: Hawk's On It

Hawk takes over Coot’s workshop for a day.

Episode 43: Hawk's Valentine

Hawk's Valentine

Episode 44: Robyn's Winter Break

Who will have the most exciting Winter Break stories to tell?

Episode 45: Good Old Coot

Starling enlists Coot help to find her lost doll.

Episode 46: Dodo in Distress

Vulture takes over a satellite and puts Dodo in danger.

Episode 47: Drifting

Crane and Vulture are lost in space.

Episode 48: Follow The Water

Hawk can't wait for the Captain Cosmos convention.

Episode 49: Here Comes the Sun

Crane and Vulture make a bet.

Episode 50: Watch this Space

Eagle sees an unusual light in the sky…but what was it?
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